Total care for your website

Do you need someone to handle your website while you’re focus on your business?​

My Services

I know the importance of support and guidance regarding your business website.

Emergency Support​

Speed Optimization

Daily Cloud Backups

Web Design

Weekly Theme & Plugin Updates​

24/7 Uptime Monitoring​

Responsive Design

Website Edits

Malware Removal

Email setup

Email setup

Save Time & Headaches​

Spend less time worrying about website issues and delegate your tedious technical tasks to the professional so you can spend more time doing the work you love.​

Get Peace of Mind​

You know exactly who to turn to when you need help most. Whether it be a small fix, helping hand or advice, I’m driven by your success, so you always have my support.​

Sit Back & Relax​

With proactive maintenance, security and performance improvements your website is always in tip top shape, keeping your customers and your reputation safe.​

Keep your website running, such as a well-oiled car.

I will work behind the scenes to make sure that your site is running at its best, each and every day. In addition to the services provided in your maintenance plan, my clients can take advantage of unmentioned features, because I’ve got your back when you need a little guidance, or something urgent happens.

Reliable Website Support

I can assist you with any small or big fix you require. Submit your support request via email or Viber, and I will provide a solution and you get to enjoy your free time. For any urgent queries I'm available via Viber.

Multifaceted Website Security

Not only do I proactively patch and monitor security issues, my fail safe processes ensure that if anything were to happen it would be cleaned up and protected fast with no loss of data and a minimal impact on your business and audience.

Performance Optimisation

With my proven speed optimisation plugins you can expect your site to load in under a second and with my maintenance service I'll ensure that your site doesn't grind to a halt over time.

Unobtrusive Maintenance

I'll keep your website up to date, backed up and monitored to fix bugs, add new features and patch security issues, which saves you time from having to deal with tedious technical tasks and frustration whilst encountering errors.

High quality, reliable website care, at an affordable price


Only most necessary things​





All basic things plus more performance​





I will always be at your disposal​





Your website is an important asset.
It shouldn't be a headache.

If it fits your budget, please feel free to contact me on any social media. Let’s work together. Let’s have a chat.